CNC Blade 180 CFX Power package (RED) - BLADE 180 CFX / 150 S

CNC Blade 180 CFX Power package (RED) - BLADE 180 CFX / 150 S

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CNC Blade 180 CFX Power package (RED) - BLADE 180 CFX / 150 S

The CNC Blade 180 CFX Power package is specifically designed for improvements in stability, durability, response and overall performance on the BLADE 180 CFX / 150 S helicopter and ready to bring your BLADE 180 CFX / 150 S helicopter to the next level of performance and appearance.

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1 x Precision CNC Aluminum Main Rotor Hub w/ Button MH-18FX101B
1 x Main Blade Grip w/ Thrust Bearing/Titanium Ball MH-18FX102
1 x Titanium X Swashplate w/ Anti-Rotation Guide combo MH-18FX112X
1 x Precision CNC Hardened Steel Feathering Shaft MH-18FX004 (1 piece)


Hardened Steel
Carbon Fiber


100% Precision CNC machined from Titanium, Aluminum, Hardened Steel, Brass, Carbon Fiber and Delrin
Improvements in stability, durability, response
With the Titanium X Swashplate with Anti-Rotation Guide combo: Machined with precise CNC tolerances from Titanium, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and Delrin material to gain the best precision together with Titanium Ball Linkage with Pin, Titanium Ball Linkages and Center Ball to prevent wear and tear for long time use; the high quality selected Radial Bearing is utilized to minimize any unwanted slops and plays between Upper Swash and Lower Swash; Technically re-engineered Center Ball in line with Swash Arm Balls to allow the Swashplate tilting linearly and precisely which produces the most accurate and fast cyclic response and cyclic power on Blade 180 CFX flybarless head system; With an extra trench at the bottom of Aluminum Anti-Rotation Bracket specifically designed for keeping the Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Anti-Rotation Guide set very close to Main Bearing Block to dramatically increase anti-rotation efficiency
With the Main Blade Grip with Thrust Bearing/Titanium Ball: With the addition of Thrust Bearings to the Main Blade Grip to support all axial loads protecting the integrity of Radial Bearings for a long-lasting transmission; utilizing Titanium Balls keeps reduced abrasion, increase time use and lighter weight as well
With the Precision CNC Aluminum Main Rotor Hub with Button: With Main Rotor Hub Button design, the Precision CNC Aluminum Main Rotor Hub allows you to stop the Main Rotor Hub Button at once during landing; two extra Microheli Damper Spacers added the Precision CNC Aluminum Main Rotor Hub with Button to keep head system smoother running
Unique and stylish CNC upgrade parts design




Use for BLADE 180 CFX / 150 S


Read and follow carefully the Assembly Instruction
Loctite (#242 is recommended) is required to apply to all mechanical screws for safety during fly


Manual and Instruction included


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