Aluminum Main Blade Grip w/ Thrust Bearing - OMP Hobby M1

Aluminum Main Blade Grip w/ Thrust Bearing - OMP Hobby M1

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Product Code: MH-OMM1002

Product Description

The design of the Aluminum Main Blade Grip with Thrust Bearing was to optimize for rigidity, stability, durability and overall performance of the OMP Hobby M1 helicopter. It is directly replaced the stock main blade grip.

The new upgrade product is designed with Thrust Bearing in the inner side of the Aluminum Main Blade Grip, to increase Spindle Shaft and Radial Bearings support and significantly reduce play. No more pressure from the Spindle Shaft Screw lock, or come apart, or lost easily during installation when the Thrust Bearing is placed in the inner side.



2 x Main Blade Grip







Use for OMP Hobby M1



Read and follow the Assembly Instruction carefully

Loctite (#242 is recommended) is required to apply to all mechanical screws for safety precaution

Basic hand tools



Manual and Instruction included


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