CNC Quad Carbon Plastic Blades Conversion set (GOLD) - BLADE INFUSION 180

CNC Quad Carbon Plastic Blades Conversion set (GOLD) - BLADE INFUSION 180

Product Code: MH-I180201QBK

Product Description

Featuring Microheli’s best designs, the CNC Quad Carbon Plastic Blades Conversion set is designed with material strength and precise CNC tolerances in mind, to optimize stability, durability, response and overall performance of the BLADE INFUSION 180 helicopter.

Every detail of this Conversion set was scrutinized in terms of lift forces and energy consumption in-flight. This new design was based on high technical standards and aesthetic, with specialized design features for the BLADE INFUSION 180 4-blade head system.

The BLADE INFUSION 180 4-blade head system is overall the best choice for pilots who aspire to build the 200 size scale helicopter. With its high-visibility, outstanding features and design, precision CNC high-performance parts and more, get ready to experience the next level of the CNC Aluminum Quad Blade Conversion set by Microheli.



1 x CNC Quad Carbon Plastic Blades Conversion set






Read and follow the Assembly Instruction carefully

Loctite (#242 is recommended) is required to apply to all mechanical screws for safety precaution

Basic hand tools



Manual and Instruction included

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